Individual Support, Ageing and Disability - Draft 2

CHCSS001XX - Mealtime support skill set

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Skill sets


Mealtime support Skill Set


This skill set provides a set of skills for work supporting people from a range of client groups to engage in positive mealtime experiences. It includes aspects of meal preparation, service and mealtime support.

Pathways information

Achievement of these units provides credit towards a range of qualifications in the CHC Community Services Training Package.

Licensing / regulatory information

No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements apply to this Skill Set at the time of publication.

Skill set requirements

Unit code

Unit title


Provide food services


Prepare meals


Support positive mealtime experiences

Target group

This skill set is for individuals providing or assisting with meals in a care or support environment, who wish to develop skills in supporting people to engage in positive mealtime experiences.

Suggested words for statement of attainment

These units of competency from the CHC Community Services Training Package provide a set of skills for work supporting people to engage in positive mealtime experiences.


Food and nutrition

"These units should be the same as the allied health assisting units to enable alignment of advice across the professions involved in supporting people with disability and older Australians, i.e. key allied health professionals - dietitians, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, allied health assistants. This is particularly important for NDIS participants with nutrition, dysphagia and diabetes management supports, older people receiving allied health supports via home care packages and those with complex nutrition needs in residential aged care. Given the Allied Health Assisting training package is also currently under review by the IRC and there are major overlaps in content, this should be undertaken as a priority. Further, these units do not provide foundational nutrition knowledge for aged care and for people with disability, across the lifespan. This needs to be provided before the learner can progress onto more complex aspects of food, nutrition and health related outcomes. The content related to providing ‘specialised nutrient consumption support’ in the unit CHCDIS024 Provide specialised support, needs to be removed and integrated into the food and nutrition units. Older people and people with a disability have wide range of special dietary needs. Information to build awareness of these needs is missing from the qualifications and is more fully addressed in AHA Nutrition units. Combining aged care and disability food, nutrition and mealtime supports is highly problematic given the enormous differences between the needs of these two groups older people and people with disability. "

Sayne Dalton 28.07.2021 10.53AM

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1 Reply

"I agree that the 'Mealtime Support Units' should be the same (or at least align) with the Allied Health Assisting units to ensure the training, skills and knowledge base for PCWs is consistent with that of AHAs. We need to ensure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet (i.e. knowledge and skill base) when it comes to the food and nutrition care of older Australians and people with disability. Evidence-based, consistent training is what the industry needs to strive for here."

Vanessa Schuldt 28.07.2021 02.41PM

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Support positive mealtime experiences

"Inclusion of social elements of dining as well as practical components is very important and needs to be clearly included."

Tania Tsiamis 28.07.2021 09.30AM

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Food textures and Thickening products

"Hello, This unit looks excellent. I wonder if perhaps to be more specific in what is being training under the title Discription Would it be a good idea to add in includes aspects of food textures and the use of thickening products. I am unsure of what is delivered in this unit. But I understand that a Cert III worker needs to have a though understanding of the IDDSI Framework. Kind regards, Lisa"

Lisa Stark 15.07.2021 02.50PM

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