Allied Health Assistance - Draft 1

HLTSS00073 Allied Health Assistance Physiotherapy Skill Set Draft 1.0

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Skill sets


Allied Health Assistance – Physiotherapy Skill Set


This skill set reflects the skills and knowledge required for health assistants working under direction and supervision of an allied health professional in physiotherapy, and is suitable for individuals who:

  • hold a qualification at Certificate III level or higher in Health or related field.


  • have skills equivalent to the qualification requirement validated through a recognition of prior learning process.

Pathways information

These units provide credit towards a range of qualifications in the HLT Health Training Package, including HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance.

Licensing / regulatory information

No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements apply to this skill set at the time of publication.

Skill set requirements

Unit code

Unit title


Deliver and monitor physiotherapy programs


Assist with the development and maintenance of client functional status


Deliver and monitor an aquatic physiotherapy program

Target group

This skill set is for individuals working in the health industry who wish to develop skills to provide assistance in physiotherapy.

Suggested words for statement of attainment

These competencies from HLT Health Training Package meet industry requirements for work in allied health assistance in physiotherapy.


"Units relevant to this specialty include HLTAHA027, HLTAHA028, HLTAHA031, HLTAHA033 (NOT HLTAHA032, and HLTAHA037 - as per Samira's comment)"

Kiara Horwood 22.06.2021 12.56PM

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"HLTAHA038-Support the fitting of assistive equipment. Great unit to include in the Group A specialisations. This unit would be a great addition to the group A specialisations as apposed to the Hydrotherapy or Podiatry unit. It covers the main aspects of assistive equipment and certainly fits the Group A specialisations focusing on mobility and movement."

Samira Fares 28.06.2021 08.55AM

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"HLTAHA032 reads as an OT unit, more so than a Physio unit. I am not convinced that this unit belongs in the Physio skill set. Please re-consider it's inclusion. "

Kiara Horwood 22.06.2021 12.46PM

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"Hi Kiara Your comment is valid about the unit HLTAHA032, it is currently run as an OT unit in the OT specialisations, however, therapeutic plans in OT often cross over with Physiotherapy and vice versa. This unit could live more closely in the Group A specialisations if the focus of the content the unit was on mobility and movement and ADLs. OTs tend to focus more often on fine motor skills and movement, PTs on gross motor skills and movement. A combination of the 2 skills would benefit the student and industry and prepare the student for instance to work in remote areas where there is no defined line between OT and PT and the work of an AHA is then more broad."

Samira Fares 28.06.2021 08.50AM

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HLTAHA037- Deliver and monitor a physiotherapy aquatic program

"HLTAHA037- Deliver and monitor a physiotherapy aquatic program- Hydrotherapy in physiotherapy is not as common as land-based exercise therapy and is a unit that would be very challenging to deliver in any RTOs as most RTOs would not have the facility or resources to deliver the unit. It is also assumed that students have completed water safety before being able to do the placement component of 120 hrs and be physically capable of taking and following accurate instructions from the physiotherapist. They should also have adequate hearing, vision, concentration and reaction times to be able to understand and follow instructions and react appropriately in emergency situations. Screening the students for all that criteria might be missed and might be considered as high risk if the student is not competent and attends placement to demonstrate their skills with real clients. The physiotherapy specialisations would meet industry requirements more closely if there was a UOC that focused more closely on land-based exercise therapy. There is substantial ongoing evidence to suggest that evidence-based exercise has many benefits, however, the current and the new Cert IV still does not cover any aspects of commonly practised land-based exercise. The resources to set up a skills laboratory in RTO’s to provide students with skills to learn for industry are also economic and feasible to set up. Samira Fares"

Samira Fares 21.06.2021 03.40PM

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Kiara Horwood 22.06.2021 12.16PM

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Language choices

"Description: assistants working under direction and supervision. should ready delegation and supervision. What defines a 'related field' are equivalents defined for this group?"

jessica huglin 15.06.2021 03.38PM

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2 Replies

"Agree. Should be under delegation and supervision of AHP. The term 'related field' should be more specific. AHAs receive specific competency based training which directly relates to the workplace. "

Kylie Saccotelli 19.06.2021 05.23PM

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"Agreed under delegation and supervision of an AHP sounds a bit more appropriate. "

Samira Fares 28.06.2021 08.57AM

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