Allied Health Assistance - Draft 1

HLTSS00076 Food safety supervision skill set for community services and health industries Draft 1.0

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Skill sets


Food safety supervision skill set - for community services and health industries


This skill set reflects the skills and knowledge required to prevent, recognise and address food handling hazards in a health or community services workplace.

The role includes supervising other people handling food to ensure it is safe for consumption and ensuring food handling practices adhere to the organisation’s food safety program, and is suitable for individuals who:

  • hold a qualification at Certificate III level or higher in Health or related field.


  • have skills equivalent to the qualification requirement validated through a recognition of prior learning process.

Pathways information

Achievement of these units provide credit towards a range of qualifications in the CHC Community Services and HLT Health Training Packages.

Licensing / regulatory information

No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements apply to this skill set at the time of publication.

Skill set requirements

Unit code

Unit title


Follow basic food safety practices


Apply and monitor food safety requirements


Oversee the day-to-day implementation of food safety in the workplace

Target group

This skill set is for individuals working in the health industry who wish to develop skills in supervising others to ensure that food handling is carried out correctly and safely.

Suggested words for statement of attainment

These competencies from HLT Health Training Package meet industry requirements for supervising a team to implement an organisational food safety program in a health or community services setting.


HLTSS00076 - Food safety

"Is this really part of a separate AHA skill set? If it were part of the Nutrition skill set maybe but otherwise not of great value"

Claire Hewat 30.06.2021 12.10PM

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