Certificate II in Indigenous Environmental Health Draft 2 Validation

Project Summary

SkillsIQ, under the direction of the Community Sector and Development Industry Reference Committee (IRC), is undertaking a project to update the Certificate II in Indigenous Environmental Health qualification and to update the content of nine Units of Competency included within the qualification to meet the current and future skills needs of Indigenous Environmental Health workers in communities.
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Status - Closed for Feedback

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The purpose of the proposed update is to ensure that the qualification aligns to job roles in regional and remote Indigenous communities. It is also intended to reduce barriers for people in these communities in regard to skills development, and to allow for the upskilling of current and future workers.

The following key areas have been considered during the Training Package update process:

  • The environmental health requirements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • The broader health needs within remote communities across a range of real and practical issues in respect to practices associated with rubbish, sewerage, pest control, dog health and germ theory
  • The early detection of issues that can lead to significant health and hygiene risks
  • The appropriate referral processes for such issues
  • Processes to reduce incidences of community sickness.
  • Consultation involving a range of stakeholders working in or with Indigenous communities has been conducted to identify and validate the exact nature of the skills needs in the sector and the respective Training Package Product update requirements.

    Consequently, stakeholders proposed the following changes that led to the update and development of Draft 1 Training Package Products:

    • Packaging rules for the qualification were revised to include Units of Competency relevant to the Indigenous Environmental Health Worker
    • The Unit CHCDIV002 Promote Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander cultural safety was moved to the elective section from the core section of the qualification
    • HLTPOP003 Monitor and maintain water supply was updated to focus on household issues relating to water supply rather than community issues
    • HLTPOP008 Develop and implement disease prevention and control measures was updated to match the requirements of a Certificate II-level job role
    • HLTPOP009 Provide information and support on environmental health issues was moved to the elective section from the core section.
    • A new Skill Set targeted at plumbers with a restricted plumbing licence, who had been identified as a primary target group able to contribute to Indigenous Environmental Health, had been developed with the inclusion of the following Units of Competency:

                 o HLTPOP025 Provide basic repairs and maintenance to health hardware and fixtures
                 o HLTPOP026 Monitor and maintain sewerage systems
                 o HLTPOP027 Monitor and maintain water supply.

      Consultation Activities and Timelines

      National consultation on Draft 1 occurred from 13th August 2019 to 9th September 2019. During this period input was sought on a proposed new draft qualification, one new skill set, two new Units of Competency, seven existing Units of Competency and their associated Assessment Requirements.

      Following the close of the consultation period, feedback received was collated and evaluated. This feedback has informed the development of Draft 2, which is now publicly available for validation prior to the submission for endorsement.

      National validation on Draft 2 will be open from Tuesday, 10th December and will close at 5:00pm on Tuesday, 24th December 2019.

      During this time SkillsIQ will be meeting with industry stakeholders, employers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). If you have expertise in these areas and would like to meet with SkillsIQ, please contact us via enquiries@skillsiq.com.au or via phone at (02) 9392 8100.

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      Validation Activities:

      Webinars will be held on the following dates:

      Date                                                    Time: 
      Monday, 16th December 2019       2:00pm - 3:00pm AEDT - closed
      Thursday, 19th December 2019     2:00pm - 3:00pm AEDT - closed


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