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PSPGEN046 Undertake research and analysis_validation

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Unit application and prerequisites




Conduct research and analysis


This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to undertake research and analysis.


This unit applies to those working in generalist and specialist roles within the public sector. Those undertaking this unit would work performing complex tasks in a range of familiar contexts.


The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State or Territory legislation, Australian standards and industry codes of practice.

No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative or certificate requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.








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Elements and performance criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

  1. Identify and plan research.
    1. Define information needs based on work objectives and client and organisational requirements.
    2. Evaluate and select potential sources of information and the format in which they are presented in line with the purpose and audience for the research.
    3. Develop and confirm strategies to acquire required information.
  1. Collect and store research information.
    1. Research information according to the plan and within resource allocation.
    2. Assess initial search results and address gaps using the same or adjusted research strategies.
    3. Communicate the methods and outcomes of research, and the criteria used to make information decisions and choices.
    4. Store research information according to security requirements and organisational policies and procedures.
  1. Analyse information and apply the results of analysis
    1. Examine, compare and evaluate information from various sources for content, structure and logic.
    2. Select analytical techniques and processes in line with defined objectives.
    3. Collate, consolidate and analyse information and advise senior staff of outcomes.
    4. Identify facts, issues, patterns, interrelationships and trends through analysis in accordance with research aims.
    5. Meet agreed project timelines and the defined standards of the organisation.
  1. Maintain information systems
    1. Maintain, validate and reconcile information systems to assure data and system integrity.
    2. Maintain standard and complex information systems and applications according to organisation requirements.
    3. Review and update information systems.
  1. Compile reports from information systems
    1. Synthesise the findings from information analysis to address the purpose of the research and meet requirements.
    2. Determine and organise content of reports to meet requirements of the client and organisational requirements.
    3. Demonstrate that assumptions and conclusions used in analysis are clear, justified, supported by evidence and consistent with research strategy.


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Foundation skills


Foundation skills essential to performance in this unit, but not explicit in the performance criteria are listed here, along with a brief context statement.

Oral communication skills to:

  • explain research and analysis plans, methods and outcomes aligned to client requirements and purpose.

Writing skills to:

  • present research findings, recommendations and issues in required format using language, structure and style appropriate to audience.

Numeracy skills to:

  • interpret and synthesise statistical data with related information to make predictions and validate research outcomes.

Problem solving skills to:

  • identify and address constraints.


This unit supersedes and is not equivalent to PSPGEN046 Undertake research and analysis.


Companion Volume Implementation Guide


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Performance evidence


Assessment Requirements for PSPGEN046 Undertake research and analysis


Evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and on at least one occasion:


  • plan, research, analyse and present research findings according to organisational requirements including each of the following:
    • access and use of information ethically and legally
    • use of manual and computerised techniques for information management
    • apply computer technology to data storage, security, retrieval and presentation
    • undertake statistical analysis
    • use critical analysis techniques
    • present information
    • apply problem solving
    • refer issues according to procedures.


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Knowledge evidence


Demonstrated knowledge required to complete the tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit:


  • legislation
  • economic, legal and social issues surrounding the use of information including:
    • confidentiality
    • privacy,
    • Security
    • freedom of information
  • organisational policies and procedures relating to:
    • accessing information
    • data collection and management
    • handling and storing information
    • security requirements
    • form and content of research reports
    • sources of work-related information
    • standard reporting
  • common research strategies
  • cultural aspects of information and meaning.


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Assessment conditions


Skills must be demonstrated in either:

  • a workplace environment or
  • a simulated environment.


Simulated assessment environments must simulate the real-life working environment where the skills and knowledge within this unit would be utilised, with all the relevant equipment and resources of that working environment.


Assessment must ensure access to:

  • legislation, policy, procedures and protocols relating to research and analysis
  • access to electronic and other information sources relevant to the workplace.


Assessors must satisfy the Standards for Registered Training Organisations’ requirements for assessors.


Companion Volume Implementation Guide


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