SFL Floristry Training Package

The SFL Floristry Training Package contains qualifications relating to a range of job roles in the floristry sector.

Qualifications within this package include those providing skills for people working in job roles such as florist, floristry assistant or floral designer. 

There is a range of qualifications in this package from Certificate II through to Diploma. 

Components of the SFL Floristry Training Package will be reviewed from time to time, generally according to the schedule outlined in the Industry Skills Forecast relevant to this training package. You can view and download the Industry Skills Forecast that relates to the SFL Floristry Training Package by visiting our Personal Services Industry Reference Committee page.

Projects that are currently open for feedback are listed below. We look forward to your involvement and receiving your input. For detailed instructions on how to submit your feedback, CLICK HERE.  

CLICK HERE to view and access a full list of the SFL Floristry Training Package qualifications. 

Projects Open for Feedback

There are currently no open projects in this training package.

Projects Closed for Feedback

There are currently no closed projects