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Certificate III in Community Safety Patrol: Draft 1 Consultation

SkillsIQ, under the direction of the Community Sector and Development Industry Reference Committee (IRC), has undertaken a project to develop a new qualification, Certificate III in Community Safety Patrol.
SkillsIQ, under the direction of the Community Sector and Development Industry Reference Committee (IRC), has undertaken a project to develop a new qualification, Certificate III in Community Safety Patrol.

This qualification will align to Community Safety Patrol job roles such as a Day Patrol Officer, Night Patrol Officer and Youth Patrol Officer: These officers assist vulnerable people, refer them to other services for ongoing assistance, ensure children and youth are safe, and work in partnership with local police to adhere to the requirements of the criminal justice system. They promote and raise awareness of community safety in the community.


This is a new qualification aligned to a previous nationally accredited Community Night Patrol course which expired in 2018. Extensive consultation by ISACNT with community groups, industry, government and other key stakeholders in 2018 saw great support for this course, with the suggestion of the more inclusive course title of “Certificate III in Community Safety Patrol” to encapsulate its breadth (not just night patrols).

Although the previous course was implemented in the Northern Territory, the concept of community safety patrols is no longer unique to the Northern Territory and it is envisaged that a national qualification can address the skills needs of local community members involved in support roles. These roles have significant aspects of trust and cultural understanding at their core and can be instrumental in addressing issues with appropriate support before they escalate into more complex circumstances. There are now Community Patrol Programs in place in other States and Territories, including WA and SA, where the organisations involved in implementation have been supportive of developing a national qualification to provide a clear pathway supporting skills development specifically aligned with the functions of community safety patrols to better meet the requirements of these job roles.

The development of this qualification is being ‘fast-tracked’ in order to provide urgent skills and knowledge acquisition in line with the needs of remote communities, in the light of the impacts of COVID-19.

        Project Status – Draft 1 Consultation - Closed

        Draft 1 Consultation is now closed.

        National consultation for Draft 1 was open from Monday, 15 June 2020 to Friday, 17 July 2020 (5 weeks). During this period input will be sought on the following Training Package Products:

      •  One new qualification – Certificate III in Community Safety Patrol
      • The previous course consisted of existing Units of Competency from various national Training Packages and, for the purposes of draft 1 consultation, the proposed new qualification includes the Units that comprised the accredited course.

        During consultation it must be considered whether that structure and content now, and in the future, remain the most appropriate to the job roles. The course was accredited in 2013 and the nature of the roles may have changed, requiring changes to both the qualification’s structure and content.

        Consultation Activities

        SkillsIQ will be undertaking a number of key activities to engage community stakeholders and VET professionals. Feedback can also be provided online via the SkillsIQ Feedback Forum.

        Webinars will be held on the following dates:

        Thu 25th June - 3pm-5pm (EST) - closed
        Tue 7th July - 11am-1pm (EST) - closed
        Fri 17th July - 2pm-4pm (EST) - closed

        Please click here to view the Community Safety Patrol Draft 1 webinar presentations for the 25th June and 7th July, 2020.

        Further details on how to register for webinars and access the online Feedback Forum may be found here:

        Project Governance

        The Community Sector and Development IRC is comprised of a number of key expert stakeholders within the industry, as follows:

        Training Package Development Process

        Please click here to access Draft 1 documents, including a Consultation Guide.

        For further information, please contact Marianne Wehby on (02) 9392 8100 or via email at marianne.wehby@skillsiq.com.au.