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Tourism Training Package Product Development: Draft 2 Validation

SkillsIQ, under the direction of the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Industry Reference Committee (IRC), has undertaken a project to update the existing Training Package Products for the Events, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sectors, in order to meet the current and future needs of industry.
SkillsIQ, under the direction of the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Industry Reference Committee (IRC), has undertaken a project to update the existing Training Package Products for the Events, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sectors, in order to meet the current and future needs of industry.


The tourism sector has continually been a driving force of Australia’s overall economic growth, and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (as well as the 2019/20 bushfires), it was directly employing 666,000 workers (2018/19). Its contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached $60,821 million in 2018/19, representing approximately 3% of the Australia’s GDP.

Whilst the sector is currently experiencing one of the biggest economic and employment challenges it has faced in recent times, its future prosperity remains strong. Recent projections indicate that rising tourism activities brought on by the easing of Australia’s international border controls and travel restrictions can result in a 15.9% annual rise of revenue over the next five years (2021-22 to 2025-26). The Tourism 2030 strategy is also an important Government initiative committed to supporting the sector to achieve sustainable growth.

Workforce supply, including re-skilling current workers and skilling new entrants, will play a significant role in facilitating the sector’s future recovery and growth. It has therefore never been more important to ensure that training products are fit for purpose and reflect the skills and knowledge needs of employers.

For example, some of the key skills and knowledge gaps voiced by industry as a priority for development in the future workforce include:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Self-management
  • Resilience
  • Business/commercial skills
  • Cultural tourism (i.e. particularly that related to learning about Aboriginal beliefs and connections to country)
  • Online and social media skills.
  • Business operations have evolved significantly in line with technological developments and the listed Training Package Products need to be thoroughly reviewed so they continue to reflect current industry practices.

    [Sources: State of the Industry 2018–19, Tourism Research Australia. Australia National Accounts: Tourism Satellite Account 2018–19, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Tourism in Australia March 2021, IBISWorld. Tourism 2030, Australian Government Australian Trade and Investment Commission. Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Industry Reference Committee Industry Skills Forecast 2019, SkillsIQ.]

    The project includes an update of the following Training Package Products:

    SIT10116 Certificate I in Tourism (Australian Indigenous Culture)
    SIT20116 Certificate II in Tourism
    SIT20216 Certificate II in Holiday Parks and Resorts
    SIT30116 Certificate III in Tourism
    SIT30316 Certificate III in Guiding
    SIT30416 Certificate III in Holiday Parks and Resorts
    SIT40116 Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
    SIT40216 Certificate IV in Guiding
    SIT40316 Certificate IV in Holiday Parks and Resorts
    SIT50116 Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management
    SIT50216 Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management
    SIT60116 Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

    Skill Sets
    SITSS00034 Business Management
    SITSS00035 Customer Service Management
    SITSS00036 Customer Service
    SITSS00037 Essential Business Skills for a Franchisee
    SITSS00047 Essential Business Skills for a Restaurant Manager
    SITSS00038 Governance for Board Members
    SITSS00039 Mentoring and Supervision
    SITSS00062 Online Engagement for Small Business
    SITSS00040 Product Development for International Visitor Markets
    SITSS00041 Product Sales for International Visitor Markets
    SITSS00042 Service for International Visitors
    SITSS00043 Understanding Financial Concepts for Budgeting
    SITSS00060 Groundskeeping and Maintenance
    SITSS00061 Visitor Information Services

    Units of Competency
    A total of 88 units of competency across the following areas:
    Client and Customer Service (CCS)
    Communication and Teamwork (COM)
    Crisis Management (CRI)
    E-Business (EBS)
    Finance (FIN)
    Governance and Legal Compliance (GLC)
    Human Resource Management (HRM)
    Inventory (INV)
    Languages other than English (LAN)
    Management and Leadership (MGT)
    Marketing and Public Relations (MPR)
    Work Health and Safety (WHS)
    Planning and Product Development (PPD)
    Tour Operations (TOP)
    Venue and Facility Operations (VAF)
    Working in Industry (IND)

    Project Governance

    The Tourism, Travel and Hospitality IRC is comprised of a number of key expert stakeholders within the industry, as follows:

    Project Status - Draft 2 Validation - Closed

    National validation of Draft 2 was open from Monday,15 November 2021 to 5pm AEDT Friday, 26 November 2021.

    Draft 2 of the Training Package Products was available for comment on the SkillsIQ Online Feedback Forum. A Validation Guide summarising the proposed changes was also available to download from that page. To access the Feedback Forum, please click here.

    The SkillsIQ Feedback Forum provided all stakeholders with the opportunity to submit detailed input on any aspect of the proposed amendments to Training Package components (Qualifications, Skill Sets and Units of Competency) during the designated consultation period.

    Consultation Activities

    A series of webinars were held together with access to the SkillsIQ Online Feedback Forum page.

                         Date                                                   Time (AEDT)
    Webinar 1: Wednesday, 17 November 2021   3.00pm-4.30pm - closed
    Webinar 2: Thursday, 18 November 2021       10.00am-11.30am - closed
    Webinar 3: Monday, 22 November 2021         3.00pm-4.30pm - closed
    Webinar 4: Wednesday, 24 November 2021   09.30am-11.00am - closed

    Please click here to view the Draft 2 webinar slides.

    Project Timings

    Further Information

    For further information, please contact Melinda Brown on (02) 9392 8100 or via email at melinda.brown@skillsiq.com.au