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CHCEDS041_Set up and sustain learning areas Draft 2 Aug 19

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Unit application and prerequisites




Set up and sustain learning areas


This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to create and monitor individual and/or small group learning environments. This may include a learning activity area in a classroom, library or home-based learning environment or a virtual learning environment.


The unit applies to education support workers who operate under the guidance and supervision of a teacher or other educational professional. They work mainly in classroom settings in schools, with students aged between five and 18 years, but may also work in other education settings within the community.


The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian standards and industry codes of practice.




Education Support


Children’s Education and Care



"Performance Criteria 1.1 is difficult for learners to experience as school's generally have control over the whole budget. Classroom teachers are lucky to have a room budget these days. A lot of schools will complete their buying for each individual year level and leave little or no budget for individual classroom expenditure. Most teachers buy specific materials or wanted items out of their own funds."

Samantha Smith 21.08.2019 10.11AM

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Elements and performance criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

  1. Create a positive learning space.


    1. Construct a learning space within budgetary constraints under the guidance of the teacher or supervisor.
    2. Select and prepare equipment and materials suitable for learning activities in collaboration with the teacher or supervisor.
    3. Identify and respond to age requirements and mix based on individual situation needs.
    4. Use techniques that make the environment positive and stimulating for learning.
  1. Organise learning resources.
    1. Organise learning resources that are suitable to the learner and the education support worker.
    2. Establish storage and retrieval procedures that support learning.
    3. Instruct learners on how to use the resource organisation system.
  1. Prepare to provide education support to students.
    1. Prepare activities and daily requirements in advance with reference to support mechanisms where necessary.
    2. Establish and accurately document daily routines.
    3. Clarify and confirm understanding of teacher requirements and ensure consistent interpretation and application.
    4. Review progress regularly and identify future requirements.
  1. Manage a learning timetable.
    1. Schedule learning activities as directed by teachers.
    2. Coordinate content of learning activities to provide an appropriate timetable structure.
    3. Manage interruptions and contingencies with minimum disruption to learning.



"4.1 Schedule learning activities as directed by teachers. -> TAs don't 'schedule' anything. If they are asked to support a reading group at 1pm, then at 1pm they do exactly that. They may prepare resources as directed or prepare an area or check resources are available."

Adam Green 20.08.2019 03.19PM

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""Establish and accurately document daily routines." -> this does happen but is not common. TAs do not document what they do each day and certainly not in detail or with 'accuracy' whatever that means. Some may plan activities (mostly in their head though). I would not replace but delete as is not relevant or common terminology."

Adam Green 20.08.2019 03.18PM

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Foundation skills


Foundation skills essential to performance in this unit, but not explicit in the performance criteria are listed below.



Reading skills to:

  • Interpret educational program information and curriculum documentation.

Oral communication skills to:

  • Ask open and closed questions and actively listen to seek information from teacher and confirm understanding.

Numeracy skills to:

  • Interpret numerical information in relation to timeframes.

Technology skills to:

  • Access and record activities, routines and schedules according to organisational policies and procedures.


CHCEDS012 Set up and sustain individual and small group learning areas




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Performance evidence


Assessment Requirements for CHCEDS041 Set up and sustain learning areas.


Evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and:

  • create two positive learning spaces:
    • one for an individual
    • one for a small group
  • demonstrate use of at least three different techniques to create a positive and stimulating learning environment for each of the above spaces.


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Knowledge evidence


Demonstrated knowledge required to complete the tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit:

  • different types of customised learning spaces, both physical and virtual
  • what constitutes a positive and stimulating environment for learning for primary and secondary students
  • features, techniques and equipment required to create different learning environments
  • resources available for the support of individual or group learning
  • learning technologies.



"remove "virtual" as is not relevant to majority of TAs. This is more of a VET thing. School aged kids 5-18 generally are not studying online with the support of a TA as they are in a classroom. While it happens, very rare and will be set up by teachers anyway."

Adam Green 20.08.2019 03.21PM

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2 Replies

"Many students engage in e-learning in the school context. In fact, computers and iPads are in constant use as students engage in literacy & numeracy activities via software programs such as Mathletics, Word Wizard etc. This is not a VET thing because it is a mandatory learning area in the Australian Curriculum."

Franki Ford 21.08.2019 10.32AM

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"Agree with Franki ! E-learning, online programs play an important role in students' learning. TAs/SLSOs should be able to help students log in the system or show them where to find things."

Jin Liang 05.09.2019 05.16PM

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Assessment conditions


Skills must be demonstrated in the workplace:

  • performance evidence may be collected through authenticated third-party reports, and must be supplemented by other forms of evidence.


Interactions with students must be supervised by a teacher or other educational professional.


Assessment must ensure access to:

  • learning activities for which spaces are created
  • a resource organisation system
  • equipment and materials for creation of the space
  • students for whom spaces are created
  • colleagues for guidance and collaboration.


Assessors must satisfy the Standards for Registered Training Organisations requirements for assessors.





""must be directly observed by the assessor on at least one occasion" could be modified to "must be directly observed by the assessor who physically attends the classroom, on at least one occasion""

Adam Green 20.08.2019 02.14PM

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1 Reply

"Why do assessors need to physically attend the classroom to observe students? There are many technological methods that can be used instead. We need to consider rural students as well as the cost of an assessor visiting students multiple times. This needs to considered or the cost of courses will be prohibitive."

Anna Hannouche 11.09.2019 10.51AM

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