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PSPSEC017 Manage security awareness_validation

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Unit application and prerequisites




Manage security awareness


This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to promote and disseminate the organisation’s approach to security management.


This unit applies to those whose roles include disseminating strategy and championing security awareness both inside and outside the organisation.


Those undertaking this unit would work autonomously, frequently accessing and evaluating support from a broad range of sources and performing highly sophisticated tasks in a broad range of contexts with frequent specialisation in one or more contexts.


The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State or Territory legislation, Australian standards and industry codes of practice.


No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative or certificate requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.








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Elements and performance criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

  1. Disseminate security policy
    1. Raise the profile of security management to indicate its fundamental importance within the organisation.
    2. Articulate security standards for the organisation in a manner suited to the level and experience of staff.
    3. Explain ways in which the security policy and plan contribute to the achievement of organisational goals.
    4. Communicate roles and responsibilities of key people in the organisation regarding implementation of security measures.
    5. Present and disseminate information to meet the needs of diverse audiences.
  1. Champion security awareness
    1. Lead and motivate others in promoting the role of security processes as integral to effective management practices.
    2. Use methods to champion security awareness based on an in-depth understanding of organisational culture and structure and the nature of both internal and external clients.
    3. Establish a positive tone within the organisation regarding security, by engendering trust and confidence in security measures.
    4. Establish guidelines for the creation of formal and informal networks and to nurture cooperative and ethical client relationships.
  1. Market security management inside and outside the organisation
    1. Identify and assess potential activities to promote security and its importance to the overall objectives of the organisation in relation to the current security policy and plan.
    2. Coordinate implementation of activities with management and key stakeholders.
    3. Encourage shared ownership of security processes through ongoing consultation and information sharing.
    4. Organise promotional activities to raise stakeholder awareness of both the ethical and financial aspects of security and to endorse the concept and practice of security management.
    5. Monitor trends in order to ensure currency of the organisation’s security measures.


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Foundation skills


Foundation skills essential to performance in this unit, but not explicit in the performance criteria are listed here, along with a brief context statement.



Reading skills to:

  • read and interpret mathematical concepts and values embedded in complex information.

Writing skills to:

  • communicate complex ideas relating to security management, matching style of writing to purpose and audience
  • use a variety of presentation styles to suit different audiences and purposes.

Oral communication skills to:

  • participate in a variety of spoken exchanges varying language and style to suit the audience.


Release 1: Supersedes and is equivalent to PSPSEC017 Manage security awareness


Companion Volume Implementation Guide


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Performance evidence


Assessment Requirements for PSPSEC017 Manage security awareness


Evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and on at least one occasion:

  • synthesise and articulate information about a broad policy issue
  • monitor trends and provide a report on recommended changes to workplace practice.


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Knowledge evidence


Demonstrated knowledge required to complete the tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit:

  • Operational knowledge of:
    • organisational change practices
    • public sector legislation, policies and procedures including anti-discrimination and diversity legislation, WHS and environment in the context of security management
  • Complex knowledge of:
    • corporate plan and strategic directions of the organisation
    • structure and core business activities of the organisation
    • organisation’s security policy and plans
    • external expectations placed on the organisation by external stakeholders
    • the incorporation of constraints imposed by the culture of the organisation and operational factors into security management issues and practices.


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Assessment conditions


Skills must be demonstrated in either a:

  • workplace environment or
  • simulated environment.


Simulated assessment environments must simulate the real-life working environment where the skills and knowledge within this unit would be utilised, with all the relevant equipment and resources of that working environment.


Assessment must ensure access to:

  • legislation, policy and procedures relating to government security management
  • security guidelines and standards
  • public sector values and codes of conduct
  • case studies and workplace scenarios to capture the range of security awareness situations likely to be encountered.


Assessors must satisfy the Standards for Registered Training Organisations’ requirements for assessors.


Companion Volume Implementation Guide


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