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Qualification description & entry requirements




Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing


This qualification reflects the role of individuals employed as cosmetic tattooists who design and provide cosmetic tattooing services.


They are skilled individuals who synthesise specialised knowledge and experience to consult, design and manage treatment programs. They possess highly developed communication skills and specialised technical skills. Practitioners operate within a defined scope of practice and use initiative and judgement to refuse or refer treatments as required.


Work is typically conducted in beauty salons and skin clinics.


No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.


The volume of learning of a Diploma is typically 1.0 – 2 years.


There are no entry requirements for this qualification.



"Qualification description should state "individuals employed or seeking employment as tattooists, cosmetic tattooists and beauty therapists who design and provide cosmetic tattooing services."

Debera Houghton 04.10.2019 09.28AM

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"Specific legislative requirements - procedures must be carried out in accordance with Skin Penetration Guidelines and Public Health regulations which differ in each State. "

Debera Houghton 04.10.2019 09.24AM

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Scope of qualification

"With the current course structure it would be possible for a practitioner to hold a "Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing" and only have had proper training in one cosmetic tattooing technique, such as eyeliner OR scalp micropigmentation OR 3D areola. I believe I reflect an emerging groundswell of industry opinion in commenting that this would be degrading for the industry and misleading for the public. A practitioner who boasts a Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing should reasonably be expected to be competent in a range of cosmetic tattooing techniques, in particular eyebrows, which currently represent approximately 80% of the cosmetic tattoo market. Without an adequate scope to the diploma training there is a very significant risk that practioners will conduct procedures outside the scope of their formal training, thereby risk harming the client and adversely impacting the status of the qualification and the reputation of the industry."

Robert McGowan 02.10.2019 04.53PM

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Refer to core units


Rosanna Ciccotosto 16.09.2019 05.20PM

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"I believe that there should be a mandatory minimum of three electives to be chosen in the Group A Cosmetic Tattoo. Any less than that and the industry will remain where it is now. "

Rosanna Ciccotosto 02.10.2019 05.14PM

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Packaging rules


9 units must be completed:

  • 5 core units
  • 4 elective units, consisting of:
    • at least 1 unit from Group A - Cosmetic Tattoo
    • the remaining units selected from Group A, the electives listed below, elsewhere in the SHB Training Package or other current Training Package or accredited course.


The selection of electives must be guided by the job outcome sought, local industry requirements and the complexity of skills appropriate to the AQF level of this qualification.



"It is going to be nearly impossible for a student to find 20 models to actually work on to apply colour correction to. There is no access or equity to this. Students in regional areas will not be able to undertake study as they simply will not be able to produce the required amount of models to be deemed as competent. How can a student be required to perform this as a prerequisite to any cosmetic tattooing unit when they do not have the knowledge or skills to actually be able to apply the pigment?"

Debera Houghton 08.10.2019 12.00PM

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"Core units should be SHBBINF001 - Maintain infection control standards and SBHHCOS004 - Identify the function and structure of the skin which should also be the prerequisites if a student would only like to complete one unit of cosmetic tattooing. SHBBCOS002 Apply knowledge of colour theory and pigmentology to cosmetic tattooing - Colour theory should be specifically incorporated into the individual cosmetic tattooing units and the requirements for "pigmentology" are way too in depth for an average learner. This needs to be simplified and not so in depth. Students should be able to identify and understand the ingredients on the pigment bottles they are using, what is toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic which is defined by the EU and these colourants should be avoided. Students should not be required to research specific pigment colours and the chemical composition of them as students will not remain engaged and will withdraw, especially if they are not using those pigments. The FDA has not approved any pigments at all for cosmetic tattooing or body tattooing, so how is this relevant. The in-depth chemical composition of pigments would be great for chemistry students but this is mostly irrelevant for cosmetic tattooing students. It needs to be simplified. "

Debera Houghton 08.10.2019 11.56AM

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"The current SHBBSKS003 Unit of Competency requires students to satisfactorily complete eyebrows, eyeliner and lips to be issued with a Statement of Attainment. How can one cosmetic tattooing unit be deemed as sufficient for a Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing. This Diploma is proposing that a student will be able to complete the core units, one cosmetic tattooing unit, SHBBHRS003 - Provide male intimate waxing services, SHBBNLS001 - Provide manicure and pedicare services and SHBBNLS008 - Apply gel nail enhancements for example and be issued with a Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing. How could this possibly be? These packaging rules require urgent attention and as a minimum include Brows, eyeliner and lips as a core component."

Debera Houghton 04.10.2019 04.14PM

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"Currently students completing the unit of competency SHBBSKS003 - Design and provide cosmetic tattooing must perform eyebrow, eyeliner and lip procedures to be deemed as competent and be issued with a Statement of Attainment. In producing a Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing, students wishing to undertake this study should be required to complete all three of these components, not just one! It would also be misleading to the public for a practitioner that only completed one component of cosmetic tattooing to have a diploma displayed at their premises as the public would have to assume that the technician was qualified in all components. If a student would only like to complete one component of cosmetic tattooing, they should be issued with a Statement of Attainment as is currently the requirement for any other Diploma qualification. Technicians who have completed one technique may also be pressured into performing procedures that they are not qualified in and may potentially harm a client. The aim of this Diploma should be to synthesise and regulate our industry, not to bring it further into disarray. "

Debera Houghton 04.10.2019 09.55AM

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"Well said Deb - learning the core techniques of cosmetic tattooing should be mandatory to have a higher level qualification like a diploma. If students simply want to do one or two techniques, then they can opt for specific units to obtain a statement of attainment. Note that, depending on the final course structure, these units can have prerequisities from the core units that ensure technicians are competent in infection control and understanding the skin. Consultations, pigmentology and design should all be focussed on the specific technique as opposed to generic. Hopefully by allowing students to engage with units of the diploma rather than commit to the full course from the start, it will encourage them to work towards the full diploma and we worthy of the full qualification. If barriers to entry are not removed, there is a risk the diploma will become of marginal relevance to industry practitioners."

Robert McGowan 04.10.2019 10.10AM

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Core and elective units

"The content and structure of the core units and electives does not reflect how the industry currently provides training nor the needs of students. Most of the content is there, it just needs restructuring. An exception is the broader scope of paramedical cosmetic tattooing, particularly scar camouflage (feedback made within that unit). Specific comments on the core and elective unit content and structure are provided below."

Robert McGowan 02.10.2019 05.00PM

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Core units


Core Units


Maintain infection control standards


Provide cosmetic tattooing consultations


Apply knowledge of colour theory and pigmentology to cosmetic tattooing


Apply elements and principles of design to cosmetic tattooing


Identify the function and structure of skin and hair for cosmetic tattooing



"As above"

Debera Houghton 08.10.2019 12.20PM

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What should a Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo mean?

"It is a reasonable expectation of both industry professionals and members of the public seeking treatments that a diploma-qualified cosmetic tattooist is able to provide the most sought-after cosmetic tattoo techniques. In particular a diploma qualified technician should be competent in the range of eyebrow techniques, lips and eyeliner. This is the current scope of the Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattooiing unit of competency and a reasonable basis on which to build a more comprehensive and sophisticated qualification."

Robert McGowan 02.10.2019 05.16PM

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Core units to be restructured

"The curriculum of the units that cover consultations, colour theory and design would more logically be included within the relevant treatment discipline (brows, lips, eyeliner, SMP, areola, and perhaps now paramedical more generally). The nature of the consults, colours and designs is very specific to the treatment type, and as it stands there would be a lot of redundant material taught to students with no intention pf pursuing a particular technique, or, of more concern, generic training provided when detailed instruction is required."

Robert McGowan 02.10.2019 05.12PM

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Essential core units

"Two of the core units identified should be retained, being SHBBINF001 (infection control) and SHBBSSC004 (skin function). As commented on later, it would be particularly helpful for Queensland practitioners, and potentially other states in future, if HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Contrl for Skin Penetration Treatments, is available as an option to SHBBINF001. At present Queensland practioners wanting a formal qualification in cosmetic tattooing as well as a council licence to operate need both, wihich is an unnecessary time and cost burden. "

Robert McGowan 02.10.2019 05.07PM

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Core units

"I feel that a core unit in tattoo correction or saline colour removal would be very beneficial to the qualification. It is important that technicians have the knowledge and ability to safely correct their mistakes. "

Rosanna Ciccotosto 16.09.2019 05.21PM

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Group A- Cosmetic Tattoo


Provide cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows


Provide cosmetic tattoo for lips


Provide cosmetic tattoo for eyes


Provide cosmetic tattoo for scalp micropigmentation


Provide 3D nipple areola complex tattooing

General Electives



Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability


Determine resource requirements for the micro business


Market the small business


Undertake small business planning


Monitor and manage small business operations


Manage small business finances


Use social media to engage customers



No equivalent qualification.


Companion Volume Implementation Guide


Group A

"All three cosmetic tattooing units SHBBCOS004, 005 and 006 (Brows, eyeliner and lips) should be included as core units. Scalp and areola could be post Diploma once a students has enough knowledge and experience in the industry to understand and see how pigments heal. Areola tattooing requires a number of pigment colours to create a 3D effect. These two units could also be completed individually with infection control and structure of skin and hair as the pre-requisites."

Debera Houghton 08.10.2019 12.27PM

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Elective Units to become Core Units

"Full training for eyebrow, lip and eyeliner techniques should be elevated to the Core Units, with the material for consultation, colour theory and design incorporated for each treatment technique, thereby respecting the very substantial differences in the required training content. If a trainee wishes to solely do scalp micropigmentation or possibly areola/paramedical, then appropriate prerequisites can be specified within these elective units of competency to ensure the trainee has adequate knowledge. It is however questionable whether the complexities of areola/paramedical work should be undertaken by anyone not already cosemtic tattoo diploma qualified as this is the most complex area of cosmetic tattooing, and normally reserved for advanced training of experienced practioners."

Robert McGowan 02.10.2019 05.25PM

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