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Client Services IRC

Client Services’ qualifications were reviewed and endorsed in the CHC Community Services Training Package (December 2015).

Industry Overview

Workers in this sector have a broad range of skills and services to offer. They work mainly in the community services sector.

It’s difficult to give collective employment figures because the sub-sectors are disparate.

They include:

  • career development
  • celebrancy
  • community services and case management
  • counselling
  • employment services
  • family and relationship services.

Organisation types also differ greatly with the sector.  For example, celebrants are predominantly sole traders, whereas family services are commonly provided by the government.


Occupations in this sector include:

Celebrants: Plan and present ceremonies, meet legal requirements when marrying people.

Career development: Provides programs and services for individuals and groups looking for career advice or help finding, getting and keeping a job.

Employment services: Help people in locating, securing and maintaining employment, or help employers find workers.

Counsellor: Works with clients on a range of issues using a variety of therapies. The level of supervision of the worker depends on the modality.

Dispute resolution practitioner: Provides dispute resolution services for families in conflict, possibly as part of the family law system.

Child protection worker: Provides specialist services to clients with complex and diverse needs and assists other support workers.

Case manager: Provides specialist services in case management to clients with complex and diverse needs across health and community services.


The VET qualifications that cater to this sector are:

CHC41015 Certificate IV in Celebrancy
CHC41115 Certificate IV in Employment Services
CHC41215 Certificate IV in Career Development
CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling
CHC51115 Diploma of Financial Counselling
CHC81015 Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling
CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution
CHC81215 Graduate Certificate in Statutory Child Protection
CHC81315 Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice
CHC82015 Graduate Certificate in Client Assessment and Case Management.

Links to view and download the content for each of these qualifications may be found in our Training Packages section.

Client Services IRC Industry Skills Forecast

On 30th September 2016, IRCs submitted their initial four-year workplans to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) for consideration. These workplans were developed incorporating information sourced in a variety of ways, including meetings and consultations with stakeholders, desktop research, an industry workforce survey open to all stakeholders, across all industries for a five-week period and consultation with IRC members and their stakeholder networks.

In April 2017, these workplans were refreshed, retitled as Industry Skills Forecasts and again submitted to the AISC. An IRC’s Industry Skills Forecast provides an overview of the sector and the current challenges and opportunities it faces, along with an analysis of current and projected employment and workforce skills needs. It proposes a schedule for the ongoing review of relevant training package products to inform the AISC’s development of the four-year rolling National Schedule.

It is noted that this Industry Skills Forecast has been developed and signed off by this IRC, but the final decision with regard to the scheduling of training product development rests with the AISC, once it has reviewed the submitted Industry Skills Forecasts of all 60 plus IRCs across the various sectors of Australian Industry. The confirmed National Schedule is published on the AISC website once approved.

CLICK HERE to download the Client Services IRC Industry Skills Forecast.