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Local Government IRC

The LGA Local Government Training Package includes the qualifications required to support the wide range of skills needed to run local government, including qualifications for:

  • Outdoor work
  • Specialist operational work
  • Administrative staff
  • Specialists in:
  • Planning
  • Regulatory services
  • Environmental matters.

Industry Overview

Local government is the third tier of government in Australia, responsible for providing a range of local services, including:

  • Infrastructure and property services
  • Provision and maintenance of recreational facilities
  • Health services, including water and food inspection and immunisation services
  • Community services
  • Building services, planning and development
  • Cultural facilities and services.
  • There are over 500 local governing bodies across Australia1 , the majority of which are regional or rural. Councils vary hugely in size. The average council population is 28,400.

    Local government is funded by taxes (rates), user charges, and federal and state government grants.

    The sector employs approximately 192,500 people in 400 different occupations. Local governments are often significant employers in their areas.


    The VET qualifications that cater to this sector are:

    LGA20120 Certificate II in Local Government
    LGA30120 Certificate III in Local Government
    LGA40120 Certificate IV in Local Government
    LGA50120 Diploma of Local Government
    LGA50220 Diploma of Local Government - Elected Member

    Links to view and download the content for each of these qualifications may be found in our Training Packages section.

    Local Government IRC Industry Skills Forecasts

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