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Sport and Recreation IRC

There are currently two Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training packages.

1.    SIS10 was endorsed in 2010. It contains the outdoor recreation and sports components.
2.    SIS was endorsed in September 2015. It contains the fitness and sports and recreation components.

Once the SIS10 components are transitioned to meet the 2012 Standards for Training Packages they will be included in the SIS Training Package to form a single Training Package.

Click here for more information on the current project to update the Outdoor Recreation Training Package Products within SIS10. 

Industry Overview

The sport, fitness and recreation industries play a crucial role in the health and wellbeing of Australians. The positive impact they have on the health of the population, and by extension, our economy, cannot be underestimated. As well as physical health, the industry promotes mental health of individuals and the health of society overall by building social cohesion and inclusion, especially among those who are most likely to feel the most excluded.

Workers in the sport, fitness and recreation (SFR) sector include those employed in the management of venues and facilities, such as aquatic centres, outdoor centres and camps.

Employers in the sector include government, businesses and organisations, including:

  • Not-for-profits (including volunteer organisations)
  • Local, state and federal government
  • Businesses ranging from sole traders to large companies.

The SFR landscape is complex and comprises four main industry sectors:

  • Sport
  • Fitness
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Community recreation.

Community recreation happens in contexts like community recreation facilities and community activity programs. Employers in the community recreation sub-sector are particularly diverse and run across national, state and territory, and local levels. There are commercial providers, clubs, schools, higher education institutions, and youth and community groups.



Employment opportunities in the fitness sector include health clubs, fitness centres and gyms, as well as providing personal training for individuals and groups outside those contexts.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) defines fitness professionals as those who ‘direct, instruct and guide individuals and groups in the pursuit of physical fitness and wellbeing’.

Job roles include:

  • Aqua instructor
  • Gym instructor
  • Exercise instructor
  • Group exercise instructor
  • Personal trainer.

Community recreation

Job roles include:

  • Lifeguard
  • Recreation leader
  • Swimming teacher.

Outdoor recreation

Job roles include:

  • Outdoor activity guide
  • Outdoor activity instructor
  • Outdoor recreation manager.


Job roles include:

  • Assistant coach
  • Sports trainer and official
  • Team manager
  • Sports event manager
  • Sports development officer and manager.

Sport and recreation

Job roles include:

  • Administration and leisure services officer
  • Leisure centre assistant and facility coordinator
  • Aquatic operator
  • Community recreation activity assistant
  • Community activities officer
  • Recreation officer and leader.


The VET qualifications that cater to this sector are:

Fitness qualifications

SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness
SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness
SIS50215 Diploma of Fitness.

Community recreation qualification

SIS31015 Certificate III in Aquatics and Community Recreation.

Outdoor recreation qualifications:

SIS20213 Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
SIS30413 Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation
SIS40313 Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
SIS50310 Diploma of Outdoor Recreation.

Sport qualifications

SIS20412 Certificate II in Sport Career Oriented Participation
SIS20513 Certificate II in Sport Coaching
SIS30613 Certificate III in Sport Career Oriented Participation
SIS30713 Certificate III in Sport Coaching
SIS30813 Certificate III in Sports Trainer
SIS30913 Certificate III in Sport Officiating
SIS40512 Certificate IV in Sport Coaching
SIS40612 Certificate IV in Sport Development
SIS50512 Diploma of Sport Coaching
SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development.

Sport and recreation qualifications

SIS10115 Certificate I in Sport and Recreation
SIS20115 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation
SIS30115 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
SIS40115 Certificate IV in Sport and Recreation
SIS50115 Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management.

Links to view and download the content for each of these qualifications may be found in our Training Packages section.

Sport and Recreation IRC Industry Skills Forecasts

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