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Wholesale and Retail IRC

Nationally recognised qualifications, skill sets and units of competency for the Wholesale and Retail industries are contained within the SIR Retail Services Training Package. This Training Package was last endorsed on 27 July 2017.

Industry Overview

The wholesale and retail landscape is broad, with Training Package Products catering to three main sectors:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Community pharmacy.
  • The majority of businesses in these sectors are commercial enterprises, ranging from sole traders to large enterprises.

    Wholesale and Retail

    The Retail Trade industry, as defined by Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), consists of enterprises engaged in the buying and on-selling of goods to the public.

    Wholesalers also engage in buying and selling goods, but they generally operate from warehouses and transact only with other businesses.

    Community pharmacy

    Community pharmacies play a critical role in the healthcare system, providing disease monitoring and preventative health advice, which eases the burden on other parts of the health care system.

    They are particularly important in regional communities, where there is often a shortage of healthcare providers.


    Retail and Wholesale job roles include:

    • Sales assistant
    • Sales representative
    • Retail supervisor or manager
    • Visual merchandiser
    • Merchandise buyer
    • Wholesaler.
    • Community Pharmacy job roles include:

      • Pharmacy sales assistant
      • Pharmacy technician
      • Dispensary technician.


      Please click here to view and download content of the VET qualifications that cater to each sector.

      Wholesale and Retail IRC Industry Skills Forecasts

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