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Our Training Packages

SkillsIQ supports Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) that are responsible for the following training packages:

  • CHC Community Services Training Package
  • HLT Health Training Package Qualifications
  • LGA04 Local Government Training Package Qualifications
  • PSP Public Sector Training Package
  • SIS Sport, Fitness and Recreation and SIS10 Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Packages
  • SIT Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package
  • SIR Retail Services and SIR07 Retail Services Training Packages
  • SHB Hairdressing and Beauty Services and SIB10 Beauty Training Package
  • SFL Floristry Training Package
  • SIF Funeral Services Training Package.

Click on the title of the training package within the interactive menu list for links to the qualifications within that training package.