How to use the Feedback Forum

Accessing the Feedback Forum

Access the SkillsIQ Feedback Forum via the SkillsIQ website at

Finding the project of interest

Once you have accessed the Feedback Forum homepage, select the training package for the project you wish to comment on by clicking on one of the ten training package tiles.

If you are not sure which training package the project you are interested in belongs to, you can also see a list of the projects which are currently open for comment on the bottom half of this page. Just click on the “view” button for the project you are interested in.

If you access the project in this manner, you will skip the next step relating to the training package home page and be directed straight to the project in question.

Training package home page

After you have clicked on a particular training package tile on the home page, you will be directed to a page that provides an overview of that training package. It will list all the projects relating to that training package that are currently open for feedback, as well as show recent projects that have now closed for feedback. Please note that you can no longer comment on closed projects.

There are also links here to the page for the Industry Reference Committee/s responsible for that training package and the training package qualifications within that training package.

To access the project you are interested in click on the “view” button for that project.

Project home page

On the project home page you will see an overview of that project, including the background to commencement and the current status of work for the associated training package product development.

On the left there is a list of the qualifications, units of competency and skill sets that form part of the project.

Please note that this is not always the full set of training package components, what is included will depend on the activity order that has been issued by the AISC. This may be an entire training package, or it may be a particular group of qualifications or units of competency.

On the project home page, there is also a list of downloadable documents available to assist your review of the project components. This may include consultation guides, mapping tables, etc. Just click on the download button to access these documents.

You can also see a list of recent comments that have been made in relation to the project components. Just click on the comment to view in full.

Accessing project content

Accessing a qualification, unit of competency or skill set to view or provide input is easy. Just click on the title of the particular component from the list in the left hand menu.

To return to the project home page just click the home icon in the top menu bar of any component page.

You can see which components have already received input – they have the number of comments listed beside their title in blue brackets.

Once you have clicked on a title it will appear in the main section of the screen.

Viewing components and leaving comments

You will see that each of the project components, whether they are qualifications, units of competency or skill sets, are broken down into sections. This allows you to comment specifically on the part of that component that you wish to have input about.

So if you want to list an issue relating to Performance Criteria for a particular unit of competency, comment on Knowledge Evidence in a unit of competency, provide a suggestion on entry requirements or packaging rules for a qualification, or give feedback on the units of competency included in a skill set, you can do this in a very specific manner.

You will see there is a comment box under each section within each component. Just click on the down arrow on the right hand side of the comment box to expand it and see all of the existing comments for that section.

If you want to leave a comment of your own, you must login.

You can use the same username and password that you use for other sections of the SkillsIQ website like the Marketplace, or managing your newsletter subscriptions, etc.

Why do you have to login? This is because, as a Skills Service Organisation, SkillsIQ must account for all feedback collected, both to the Industry Reference Committee (IRC) tasked with overseeing the training package product development that the project relates to, and to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) which endorses the final submitted components. If you don’t login we cannot accept your feedback.

If you don’t already have a login, just click on the “register” button and enter your details.

At this time you can also select which sectors you would like to hear more about from SkillsIQ – just tick all of the relevant sectors in the drop down list on the right and you will be added to the subscription lists for news relating to these sectors.

Once you have successfully registered, click on the link to return to the Feedback Forum and you can then enter your feedback.

To leave a comment, click on the speech bubble icon under the section of your choice. A window will pop up prompting you to “Add a comment”. Enter a title in the subject box and then type your comment into the comment box. Click submit once you are finished and your comment will be listed, along with your name and the date and time you submitted it.

You can comment on other people’s feedback (to agree, disagree or elaborate) by clicking on the “reply” link after that comment.

Please note that any inappropriate comments will be deleted by the Moderator.

You should be as specific as possible when leaving feedback, to allow us to action it. Saying “this performance criteria is wrong” isn’t as helpful as saying “this performance criteria relates to an outdated industry practice and the new way of doing that task is XYZ”. The second comment is specific and can be followed up for action.

Receiving notifications

When you are leaving your comment, you can tick the box to be notified if someone leaves a reply to your comment. You can also click to be notified if someone comments on a thread you are interested in by clicking on the bell icon with the tick.

You can change this later by clicking on the bell icon with the cross  to unsubscribe from notifications, or you can adjust your subscription preferences in your account settings (access this by clicking on My Account at the top right of the page).

If you are unsubscribing from notifications, you can elect to unsubscribe from notifications about a particular document or the entire project. Please note that if you unsubscribe from the entire project it will cancel all notification subscriptions you have for any document in that project.

Editing your comments

After you have left your comment or reply, you can edit it for up to 60 minutes, after which it will become locked and no longer editable.

Further assistance

For further assistance with using the SkillsIQ Feedback Forum, please email