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Our Role

Our role is to support our allocated Industry Reference Committees, to ensure training packages reflect the skills needs of industry.

This includes facilitating engagement and consultation across industry, providing operational and secretariat support, carrying out the development and review of training packages, managing quality assurance and endorsement processes and preparing support materials such as companion volumes.

We remain independent from both industry and the training sector and are managed by a professional board. Decisions about training package content remain the responsibility of the IRCs.

Training product development will be commissioned by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) according to a national schedule and based on both industry and Government priorities. Training product development must be proposed via a business case, prepared under the direction of the IRC. The business case outlines industry need and rationale for the proposed training product development and the scope of work and is submitted to the AISC for consideration. Once the business case is approved by the AISC and training product work is commissioned to SkillsIQ via an activity order, we work with the IRC and industry to develop the training products in line with the business case scope. The AISC has responsibility for endorsing training packages following IRC approval and submission of the revised training package.