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Cookery Training Package Products: Draft 1 Consultation

SkillsIQ, under the direction of the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Industry Reference Committee (IRC), is undertaking a project to update the Training Package Products that relate to cookery and kitchen operations.

The existing Training Package Products do not reflect the current (or emerging) skills and operational needs of the sector. This update will ensure that future skills development in this sector is in line with industry needs.


Employment projections for the Hospitality sector are strong, particularly for café, restaurant and accommodation services with regard to hospitality workers, food trade workers and accommodation and restaurant managers. The sector, however, is currently experiencing several challenges which are impacting workforce skills. Key challenges include:

  • Workforce shortages in food trade occupations – Demand for skilled food trade workers such as chefs, bakers and pastry cooks (patissiers) is strong. However, applicant numbers are low and nearly all areas across Australia, particularly regional areas, are experiencing workforce shortages.
  • Skills training not reflective of current industry practices – Employers have voiced that workers entering the industry after completing their Qualification (or apprenticeship) lack contemporary skills in food preparation.
  • Working across the cookery sector – The transition of workers across sectors is common, and career progression no longer takes the traditional linear pathway. The cookery sector is no different, and its workforce can now experience multiple hospitality environments, ranging from fine dining restaurants and clubs to catering to mine sites and other mass operations.
  • Lack of business and commercial skills in graduates – Employers have indicated that, after finishing a Qualification (or an apprenticeship), workers may be required to run a small operation within a business environment, which may include rostering staff, ordering stock using various online platforms, or other business functions. These skill areas need to be better reflected in the Training Package.

To address the workforce skills issues faced by the sector, the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality IRC proposed to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) that an update of those Training Package Products supporting job roles in Cookery and Kitchen Operations, be conducted. The AISC endorsed the update work proposed and a sub-committee of the IRC was formed to oversee and guide this project.

Project Governance

This project is being overseen by the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality IRC. A sub-committee of the IRC has been formed to direct the project and provide guidance regarding updates to Training Package Products. The membership of this sub-committee is as follows:

Project Status – Draft 1 Consultation - Closed

Draft 1 consultation is now closed.

Feedback received during the consultation period will be collated and provided to the sub-committee for discussion, in order to inform its recommendations to the IRC for the next steps in this project.

Consultation Activities

A series of face-to-face workshops were held across all states and territories, along with webinars and access to the SkillsIQ Online Feedback Forum.

To review the feedback on the SkillsIQ Online Feedback Forum, please click here.

Project Timings

Draft 1 Consultation occurred from 14 August to 9 October 2019

Further Information

For further information, please contact Melinda Brown on (02) 9392 8100 or feedback@skillsiq.com.au.