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2019 Industry Skills Forecasts

Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) are required to submit annual Industry Skills Forecasts to the Australian Industry & Skills Committee that covers the industry sectors the IRC represents. These Forecasts are prepared in consultation with industry and other interested stakeholders such as government and RTOs.

The Forecast includes details of current issues within the industry sector overseen by the IRC, detail on employment in the sector and projections for future employment growth or decline. It also includes detail on workforce challenges and notably, any identified skills gaps and drivers for change in the Training Package Products overseen by that IRC.

The Forecast also contains a Proposed Schedule of Work which allows the IRC to make a case for updates to current Training Package Products, or development of new Training Package Products, in response to the drivers for change.

Please click on the links below to download a copy of the 2019 Industry Skills Forecasts for the IRCs supported by SkillsIQ.