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About SkillsIQ

Capable people make clever business. That's our belief, our drive. We develop, review and validate micro-credentials and provide guidance on delivery, ensuring every element of training aligns with best practice and is not just meeting, but exceeding, industry standards.

Our focus on quality is crucial to our clients’ success. We focus on real-world modern learner needs and creating evidenced-based pathways for ongoing education, preventing the stagnation of employees in their educational journey.

We're not just catering to business needs. We're looking after trainers, learners, and the broader industry, because we understand the ripple effect of quality training on the wider economy. Our philosophy is rooted in delivering above and beyond regulated standards to genuinely benefit learners and communities.

Our nimbleness and speed set us apart. With a history as the former government-appointed organisation responsible for the development of national qualifications, we understand the frustration with a lagged response to industry changes. We move fast, leveraging a small but strong team and a network of independent specialists. Considered growth has allowed us to integrate technical experts, enhancing our ability to respond to evolving or unforeseen customer needs.

Our pivot away from developing national training products reflects our understanding of the industry's changing need for speed and relevance but still the opportunity to link to pathways of formal qualifications. That's why we enjoy supporting our clients in the development of micro-credentials, bespoke training products, and tailored assessment tools. As an independent body we are training delivery agnostic and can therefore offer an unbiased perspective. Our achievement of ISO accreditation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and service excellence.

SkillsIQ company

At SkillsIQ, we understand that capable people make clever businesses, and we're here to ensure your team is equipped with best-in-class skills and knowledge.

We do this through developing relevant responsive training products and by providing best practice guidance on how to deliver effectively. We see our services as being crucial to helping learners, businesses, industries and economies thrive.

Transforming Workforce Strategies with Micro-Credentials

We've transitioned from developing only traditional, formal accredited training products to now incorporating the development of non-accredited, micro-credential programs into our suite of products, providing a potential pathway to formal education where required and the evidence required for it to be recognised.

This means we're crafting a foundation for ongoing learning and career advancement.

Why SkillsIQ?

  • Expertise in Standards and Pedagogy: With a rich history in accreditation we're now an independent moderator, ISO-accredited, ensuring your bespoke courses are benchmarked against the best. We provide an independent evidence base so that training is sound, and follows best practice.

  • Rapid and Relevant: In a world where industry needs shift rapidly, we respond quickly. Our history as national training product developers means we understand the need for speed in training accreditation. We're nimble, fast, and client-focused, with a lean team of independent specialists ready to benchmark, design and develop or review and validate your training programs.

  • Quality and Integrity: The minimum regulated standard is just a starting point. We strive for best practice in every aspect. This commitment extends to our leadership, and we are deeply invested in doing the right thing for clients, learners, and the economy.

  • Client-Focused Solutions: At SkillsIQ, we're about education that makes a difference. We help you shape and deliver training that sets you up for future success.
  • SkillsIQ helps you to ultimately build a skilled, adaptable workforce for the future. Let's work together to make learning impactful.

    SkillsIQ Values

    Our services embody our values and drive the way we do business: