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The Reimagined Personal Care Worker Discussion Paper

Please find below The Reimagined Personal Care Worker discussion paper prepared by the Centre for Workforce Futures at Macquarie University and SkillsIQ Limited on behalf of the Aged Services IRC.

The paper is seeking to ask questions of stakeholders framed around three key areas:

  • The breadth of care recipients’ needs
  • The range and complexity of the skills and capabilities required to meet those needs
  • The extent to which an individual worker can meet those needs versus the scope of the role as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • The Reimagined Personal Care Worker Discussion Paper: June 2020

    Responses received from industry to this paper and other related discussion papers will be collated to inform the drafting and content of Training Package Products for the sector, as well as access to career pathways for both current and future aged care workers.

    An Evidence Based Discussion Paper on the Issue of Student Work Placement in the Aged Services Sector

    This multi-faceted discussion paper explores international and best practice models in the Aged Services sector in terms of the experience gained by individual workers when work placements are initiated. 

    An Executive Summary paper has been provided for those seeking an overview.

    Executive Summary Evidence Based Work placement paper

    Work Placement in the Aged Services Sector: Discussion Paper April 2020

    Pathways and Tertiary Education SIAC (PATESIAC) Discussion Paper

    The PATESIAC discussion paper will focus on research relating to job clustering, and look at ways of making it easier for learners/employees to transition from the VET sector through to Higher Education in order to gain university-level qualifications.

    It will also look at how we can best construct VET qualifications that will assist learners and industry in building job roles and pathways whilst at the same avoiding unnecessary duplication or hindering the easy development of qualifications relevant to newly-developing roles.

    Pathways and Tertiary Education in Aged Care Discussion Paper: August 2020

    Nutrition and the Mealtime Experience SIAC (NAMESIAC) Discussion Paper

    The NAMESIAC discussion paper will investigate industry’s appetite for the development of Training Package Products specific to nutrition within the Aged Care sector. It will look at improving performance in relation to nutrition and the mealtime experience as well as factors impacting on both the health and social outcomes of many clients in the sector. Ultimately, it will look at how best we can build competence across all the job roles, from kitchen to table, given the variety of ways that individual workers intersect with their clients’ nutrition and mealtime requirements.

    Improving the Food, Nutrition and Mealtime Experience in Aged Care Discussion Paper: August 2020

    2019 Future Skills Survey - closed 31 January 2019

    Between November 2018 and January 2019, SkillsIQ conducted a national online survey to better understand the workforce challenges and skills needs you and your industry face in our rapidly evolving world, given that supply and demand for particular workforce skills undergo significant shifts.

    Responses from our 2019 Future Skills Survey are being used to inform our 2019 Industry Skills Forecasts, which will assist in the prioritisation and development of future Training Packages for Australia’s workforce.

    If you have any questions about the survey, please contact SkillsIQ at or at (02) 9392 8100