Current Projects & Case Studies

Cross Sector Coordination across health and community services

The disability, aged care, mental health and primary care industries are undergoing significant reform, with policy changes allowing people to control their own funding. These reforms however will be felt broadly across the health and community services sectors. The shift to choice and control means that a more coordinated, person-led service delivery is needed to achieve better individual outcomes, safely and with dignity. SkillsIQ is conducting research to better understand, identify and evaluate cross-sector needs and roles and skills used by the health and community services sectors.


LGA04 Local Government Training Package – inform the Case for Change

The Local Government Industry Reference Committee has identified an overwhelming need to thoroughly review and update the LGA04 Local Government Training Package. SkillsIQ has recently undertaken national surveys to capture broad stakeholder perspectives on the need for training package review. Feedback received from the surveys is currently being collated and will inform the development of a Case for Change to be put to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) regarding a proposed review of the training package.


Improving Quality in Children’s Education and Care Training: Industry Perspectives

SkillsIQ recently completed consultation with the Children’s Education and Care sector to inform the development of a business case for change to the CHC Community Services Training Package. Thank you to those stakeholders who provided a response, a summary of the feedback is now available.