CHC Community Services Training Package

The CHC Community Services Training Package contains qualifications relating to a range of job roles in the community services sector.

Qualifications within this package include those providing skills for people working in early childhood education and care, out of school hours care, mental health, aged care, disability services, alcohol and other drugs, education support, youth work, youth justice, career development, chaplaincy and pastoral care, celebrancy, financial counselling, relationship counselling, family dispute resolution, social housing, and volunteers across a range of different sectors, to name a few.

There is a range of qualifications in this package from Certificate I through to Graduate Diploma, as well as Skill Sets covering a variety of specific skill areas. These may be completed independently, or supplementary to a qualification to provide a definitive set of skills in a particular area or job role. Skill sets cover areas including carer support, administering medication, problem gambling, mediation and more. 

Components of the CHC Community Services Training Package will be reviewed from time to time, generally according to the schedule outlined in the Industry Skills Forecasts relevant to the sectors covered by this training package. You can view and download the various Industry Skills Forecasts that relate to the CHC Community Services Training Package by visiting our Industry Engagement pages and selecting the Industry Reference Committee that covers the area you are interested in. 

Projects that are currently open for feedback are listed below. We look forward to your involvement and receiving your input. For detailed instructions on how to submit your feedback, CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to view and access a full list of the CHC Community Services Training Package qualifications. 

Projects Open for Feedback

Children's Education and Care Consultation Draft 1

Open for feedback 20.11.2017 to 14.02.2018

The Children's Education and Care qualifications are currently being reviewed in response to the 2015 Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) strategic review. Draft 1 is now available for comment. 


Projects Closed for Feedback

There are currently no closed projects