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Industry Engagement

The new system for training product development, which commenced on 1 January 2016, puts industry at the heart of training product development through Industry Reference Committees (IRCs).

The IRCs are made up of people with experience, skills and knowledge of their industry sector and may be individuals or representatives of businesses or organisations. The IRCs operate as committees of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and the AISC is responsible for membership of the IRCs going forward.

IRCs are responsible for directing their allocated Skills Service Organisation (SSO) in developing business cases to request the commissioning of training package development work to meet the skills needs of industry. IRCs also have responsibility for gathering industry intelligence to inform training product development. They oversee development and review of training packages, including preparation of cases for endorsement and provide sign-off on completed training packages, prior to submission to the AISC for endorsement.

SkillsIQ has been allocated 19 IRCs across a range of industry sectors, as shown in the menu. Click on each IRC for more information.